lcov to Cobertura XML Converter

Converts lcov line coverage output to Cobertura-compatible XML for continuous integration

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This project does as the name implies: it coverts code coverage report files in lcov format to Cobertura's XML report format so that CI servers like Jenkins can aggregate results and determine build stability etc.

Quick command-line usage

Grab it raw and run it with python:

python lcov-file.dat
python lcov.dat -b src/dir -e tests -o out.xml

Usage with Python 2 or 3

You can install lcov_cobertura with pip:

pip install lcov_cobertura

Then just use it anywhere in your python:

from lcov_cobertura import LcovCobertura

LCOV_INPUT = 'SF:foo/file.ext\nDA:1,1\nDA:2,0\nend_of_record\n'
converter = LcovCobertura(LCOV_INPUT)
cobertura_xml = converter.convert()
print cobertura_xml


This project is provided under the Apache License, Version 2.0.